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Do you actually need a Maid Service?

Dubai, one of the busiest cities in the world, is moving ahead at a rapid pace. As the city races forward, it will have its repercussion in your personal life as well. To catch up with the ever moving and busy life, you need support to manage your day-to-day activities. This becomes obvious when your family grows and you no longer have time to attend to each and every household matters.cities

Here are 4 reasons why you should have a Maid Service in Dubai

  • Saves Time: From cooking to washing to cleaning, the household work is tiring and endless. Having maids in Dubai saves your precious time which can be utilized for the more productive purpose.

  • Professional Service: Most of the housemaids here are familiar with providing professional cleaning services in Dubai. They know the various products and equipment to use for the various task at hand. This makes their work perfect.

  • You Have a Full-Time Job: If you have a 9-5 job, then it may not be possible for you to attend to each and every work at home.™ can help you in reducing your burden and thereby providing a more relaxing time.

  • You Have Elderly People or Children at Home: If you have elderly people or kids at home they require constant care and attention. Hiring maid services lets you spend more quality time with them. Similarly, if you have a newborn baby, then it may not be possible to attend to every work at home. Dubai maids can actually provide the support you need during this crucial phase of life.

Above all, some days you deserve a treat.™ cleaning services are available at very affordable rates. All you have to do is visit our website or download our app from and book the number of hours and maids you want and select the location– DIFC, JBR, JLT, Downtown, Dubai Marina, JVT, JVC, Motor City, Remraam, Palm Jumeirah, Silicon OasisMira Villas, Sports City and many other areas and our dedicated crew will be at your doorstep at the right time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Maid Service Dubai - Dubai by Night

9 Facts About Cleaning                                                                                                                                                                                

There are endless cleaning topics to discuss, from towels to products…..vacuums. How to clean we could totally go on. Recently we came across few interesting facts about cleaning and maid service in Dubai!

1. The kitchen and the bathroom are the two most high traffic areas in a home, and kitchen sinks are the dirtiest. 

Food particles that sit along with germ transfer while cooking creates a breeding ground for bacteria.  we recommend you to disinfect your kitchen sink at least once a day and do not miss the faucet! Bathroom toilets should be cleaned every day using a product along with a toilet brush.

2. Spray and let sit

Stuck on grime and food wipes/scrubs off a lot easier if you spray and let soak. This ensures the cleaner has a chance to do its job. The stove top, oven, tub/shower door, counters, and toilets are the main things our cleaners spray the product on and let soak. We like to let the product soak for at least five minutes (dirt and grime are easier to wipe off) but you can let it sit for at the least a minute and be just fine.

3. Cleaning vs disinfecting the difference

Cleaning and disinfecting are two entirely different things. Cleaning is the action of removing dirt while disinfecting is defined as destroying or preventing the growth of disease-carrying microorganisms. Remember that disinfecting everything too much can actually lower your defenses against germs and viruses.

4. Shower door build up-There is a natural way to remove it!

Build up on shower doors, we wipe with lemon oil it removes build-up and keeps doors protected longer from future build up.

5. Almost half of all couples argue about cleaning :) 

What do they argue about?

27% argue about WHO should clean

24% argue about how OFTEN

17% argue about HOW to clean something

34% argue about other cleaning issues like products and equipment

 We don't want you to argue, book our cleaning service online :) 

6.  You can put more than just dishes in the dishwasher

Separate from the dishes, of course, you can put toys, toothbrushes, combs, and sponges in the dishwasher to sanitize.

7. Ice cubes and your garbage disposal

Once a month or so, we recommend you to dump a dozen ice cubes in your garbage disposal. This sharpens the blades and eliminates any trapped grease.

8. Smelly vacuums

If your vacuum is starting to smell a little musty, drop some citrus or peppermint essential oil mixed with isopropyl in the canister and on the filters.

9. The most interesting fact

To us, the most interesting fact about home cleaning was learning what dust is compiled of.

Dust in the home is a particle composed of 80% human skin cells along with fibers from clothes and bedding… along with outside particles like soil. Dust can irritate allergies and asthma. So we make sure that we stay on top of dusting!