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Deep Cleaning 

If you’re looking for or need a deep cleaning service in Dubai to steam clean and refresh your villa, apartment or office,™ can help you with that task. We provide professional European Cleaning Standard cleaners for this task. Our deep cleaning services have been rated one of the best in Dubai and our customer services are one of the best in town.

Contact us to book your service on 042271306 or 0564096060 for a professional Dubai deep cleaning service.

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The difference between a normal cleaning and a deep cleaning. Normal cleaning we refer to as house cleaning service in a deep cleaning service we use professional special equipment is which cleans with steam.

Below is a brief description of what we do in our deep cleaning service in Dubai

Living Room: Apart from dusting, moping, we send assign a professionally trained crew with professional deep cleaning equipment for your apartment, villa or office our deep cleaning crew will take care of cleaning your lampshades, air conditioner duct as well all of your windows. The team also will clean your curtains, carpets, sofa and any furniture that you might have.

Kitchen: In the kitchen, our crew will clean all of the hard to reach places and the forgotten surfaces and areas around the stove, spaces over and inside the cupboards, underneath the sink, all around and below the kitchen appliances. The deep cleaning crew also will take care of all the kitchen hardware appliances like the stove, dishwasher, and fridge.

In the Toilets: The cleaning crew will deep clean thoroughly the bathtubs to remove and eradicate all the accumulated dirt over time and make it spotless using steam cleaning and special cleaning chemicals to ensure all the toilet pipes are clean and all the wall tiles will be whipped.

Deep Cleaning Service is Suitable for:

1-    When You Move in or Move out to a New Place

2-    When You Want to Conduct a Thorough cleaning of your Place

We recommend a Deep Cleaning in Dubai twice a year to ensure your apartment, villa or office is totally out of harmful bacteria and dust particles  

It is important to pay a bit more attention to your health and how we can help you to keep your place healthy, happy and clean.


How much will a deep cleaning service in Dubai cost?
Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai prices starts from AED 350 for a studio check our price list 
Deep Cleaning Service Price List                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

What do customers say about™ Deep Cleaning Service in Dubai?™ Deep Cleaning Service in Dubai has been rated 4.8 out of 762 reviews as of June 2018


Our Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai Includes

Steam Cleaning of Bathrooms™ provides professional steam deep cleaning for bathrooms while you’re moving in/out of the place or you want to make a routine deep clean

Balcony Pressure Cleaning™ has a German-trained professional cleaning team rated #1 in Dubai by many of our customers so we are considered one of the best deep cleaning companies in Dubai and its vicinity to offer full cleaning services for balconies and railings to make sure you can enjoy a great time enjoying your balcony

Villas Paved Areas Steam Pressure Cleaning

Our Professionally trained crew uses latest technology cleaning equipment to ensure your paved areas are shining and crystal clean.members

Interior Villa and Apartment Windows

Our professional cleaning are available to clean every curve of the interior windows of your villa, apparent or office and give it a lively new look using world class cleaning materials.crew

Floor Scrubbing

We utilize German manufactured scrubbing machines to buff up your floor areas and give it a shinier appearance.

If you are looking for a deep cleaning company in Dubai that offer reasonable, professional deep cleaning services try us