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Cleaning and Maids in Dubai

Wouldn't it be great to have an extra set of hands helping you out with household chores, preparing meals and caring for the little one? If you've decided that you want a maid, but are confused about how much it will cost you, now is a good time to start with the research. Whether you're looking for a full-time or part-time maid, the™ team helps breaks down the costs for you so you can make an informed decision to hire and sponsor a maid or use our cleaning services.

Maids in Dubai Booking Process

How much do cleaning services in Dubai cost?                                                                                                                          

1- Residential Cleaning AED 35/ Hour  Read More 

2- Commercial Cleaning AED 35/hour  Read More 

3- Deep Cleaning Starting from AED 350  Read More 


How do I find cleaners and maids in Dubai                                                                                                                                                               

Trying to make a decision to choose a maid firm in Dubai and hire their cleaning services to tidy up your house could be actually a big deal since there are simply so many maids in Dubai to select from, It can also be nerve-wracking to simply make a decision without figuring out much information about what type of maids in Dubai services they offer in the city. will guarantee your clear with a happiness guarantee which implies in case your not happy with your maid service in Dubai which we supplied rest assured we'll make it right for you and compensate your cleaning service or 100%  refund back your money. regardless if you require a cleaner for your house or  an entire professional cleaning crew to clean up an entire  building or a labor camp after a construction work or you are a business which needs a regular daily, weekly, monthly or yearly cleaning, we are here to help you with the process and get you the best maids in Dubai to do the job done in a timely and professional manner.

There are a lot of cleaning companies in Dubai these days which provide maids in Dubai however you will have to verify the quality of their execution and the reputation of the cleaning company which hires them.  professional home cleaning in Dubai execution requires a cleaning company to hire smart, good employees and people who genuinely care about customer service


Hiring and sponsoring maids in dubai yourself


So, you want to take on the task of finding maids in Dubai all by yourself? It's not a bad idea, considering how much you'll save on those finder's fees and agency charges. But it will take some time and effort too. You can start by browsing through related websites or simply ask your friends and colleagues for references. But be sure to do a thorough background and reference check if you go down this route.

Here's a quick look at the costs you'll have to bear when hiring and sponsoring a live-in maid:

Salary: Monthly salaries may vary a lot from say, Dh1,500 to Dh3,500, and will depend on a number of factors such as experience, references, the scope of work, etc. You will also have to comply with the minimum wage laws enforced by the embassy of the maid's home country. 

Sponsorship fees: You're the legal sponsor of your maid and will have to apply for her UAE residence visa which will cost you between Dh5,000 to Dh5,500 annually. This is a non-refundable fee payable to the UAE government.

Refundable deposit: The embassy of your maid's home country may also require a refundable security deposit of around Dh3,000 to Dh10,000. This may vary based on her nationality and the embassy rules prevailing at the time.

Other government expenses: There will be separate charges for registration, medical tests, and Emirates ID issuance.

Health insurance: You will have to provide a health insurance cover for the maid, which is now a mandatory requirement for all sponsors.

Flight ticket: You will also have to provide an annual return flight ticket to your maid.

Basic living expenses: You will be responsible for providing her lodging at your house, food and basic amenities.

Hiring a maid in Dubai through a registered agency

This is a very convenient, albeit relatively expensive way of hiring maids in Dubai. Various registered agencies in Dubai supply maids who they directly employ from their home country. You can go through their CVs and shortlist them based on phone interviews. Once you choose a maid, the agency will begin the immigration paperwork required to bring your maid into the UAE.

Your contract will specify the maid's salary which can range from Dh3,000 to Dh5,000 per month. You will also be charged a one-time agency fee, which can start from Dh5,000 and can go up to Dh15,000. This amount will include everything from the finder's fee, visa fee, health insurance, flight tickets, medical tests and Emirates ID fees.

When hiring a maid through agencies, you can also choose if you want a live-in or live-out maid. When opting for the latter, you will have to pay extra to compensate for the maid's accommodation, which will be handled by the agency. You have the flexibility to opt for short-term contracts for a few months as well.

Hourly Maids in Dubai 

If you don't think you need full-time help around the house, you can also opt for part-time maid services. Hiring part-time maids through cleaning companies is pretty straightforward and you can find such service providers in abundance in Dubai. 

Many companies even have websites that allow you to book cleaning and babysitting services online, or you can simply call their toll-free number to book a maid.™ suggests comparing prices before you take your pick. You can choose the frequency of services required (one-off, weekly, bi-weekly) and your preferred time slot. Prices usually range from Dh30 to Dh45 per hour.™ is on the higher scale of pricing to ensure the highest quality of service provided 

Not all agencies provide maid services on Fridays, and those who do, usually charge a premium of Dh15 to Dh20 per hour on top of the regular hourly rate. A similar premium may apply if you request for maid services during after hours, past 6 pm.

Prices vary based on the number of hours you book the maid for, the size of your house and also whether you're using your own cleaning supplies and equipment or have the agency provide them.™ practical and fairly affordable option to hire Maids in Dubai 

Here is what an article in Khaleej Times says about hiring maids in Dubai  on your own it costs an arm and a leg also it's frustrating to find the perfect maid


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  7. Best Practises Followed EU GDPR Complaint  
  8. Ethical Employers
I have used maids in dubai for a while now and I am happy with the service they provide the most interestesting thing about this company they know what is customer service.. keep up the good work 
Nigel Lee - DIP
Excellent service good management and amazing cleaners, I was happy with my temporary maid  replacement while my full time maid was on vacation 
Mona Eid - Jumeirah Islands
I am using the silver monthly subscription package which is really good to keep my 1 bedroon tidy once a week Carine is doing an amazing job
Marianne F - JLT 

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