News Room Launches New Hybrid On-Demand Maid Service

Combining the convenience of the on-demand marketplace with the security and quality of a traditional business model gives clients the best of both worlds, publishes

Maid Service Dubai App

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – April 5, 2018/

Figures from the global cleaning services industry point to an annual six percent uptick in demand over the last five years with this trend expected to continue for some time to come. Analysts attribute this growth to increasingly busy lifestyles and progressively exhaustive demands from employers among other factors. In light of this development, Mohamad Rabah and Ahmad Alkhaldi, are the founder of, has launched the company’s latest amenity.

“We’ve seen the demand for on demand cleaning services surge over the last few years,” said Qasem, “and few providers are able to keep up with clients’ growing needs. At the same time, the way people go about finding the goods and services they need have changed as well. We strive to set ourselves apart from others in this industry, and part of this effort includes evolving our services to meet the public’s expectations. For this reason, we’ve launched our new hybrid on-demand model, allowing clients to instantly book premium cleaning services in Dubai while at home or on the go.” clients begin the booking process by determining the type and extent of cleaning needed. From there, they choose a date and time for service. Prices vary based on length of service and number of cleaners requested as well as other elements. Maid Service in Dubai may be scheduled either immediately or in advance with recurring booking also available. Cleaning services can be booked through the company’s website or via downloadable app.

Use of on-demand apps has soared in recent years while permeating a wide range of industries. Sources indicate conventional on-demand marketplaces operate primarily on an outsourcing basis, acting as an intermediary between consumers and product or service providers. Customer requests are then contracted out to independent providers or outside companies. has distinguished itself from the common methodology with its new hybrid service, providing the touted speed and simplicity of the on-demand sector while employing an in-house team of Maids in Dubai to provide cleaning services.

Concluded Qasem, “We’re proud to stand out from others in our niche as one of the few to employ a full staff of trained, certified and insured cleaners and a dedicated state-of-the-art, real-time customer service channel. This means our services are available more readily than from brokers and outsourcers, and we offer higher levels of security and quality than our competitors. All this comes without sacrificing the convenience of the on-demand marketplace. We invite anyone in need of cleaning services to take advantage of our website or our app and find out firsthand what sets us apart.”


As a technology-driven and client-focused company, offers professional, high-quality, certified, trained and insured cleaners for both immediate and advance booking. Its hybrid model provides the on-demand marketplace experience in terms of convenience while services are executed by regular employees of the company, offering clients the best of both worlds. For service providers who would like to offer superior services to their clients, offers these companies an opportunity to join its state-of-the-art platform and start immediately.

Contact Info:
Name: Mohamad 
Address:Al-Hudaiba Awards Building Block A
Office A/113-109

P.O. Box 239543 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone: +97142271306


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